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Sunday, December 3, 2023

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Lonjsko polje nature park

Lonjsko Polje Nature Park is one of the largest protected wetland areas, not only in Croatia, but also in the entire Danube area. Preserved habitat and landscape biodiversity of Lonjsko Polje, combined with flood meadows, favors the growth of a significant number of plants and serves as a habitat for a large number of animal species.

It is particularly important as a habitat for birds and it is the only living example of traditional livestock production in Europe. The most important ecological element in the Nature Park are the floods that can happen at any time of year, where Lonjsko Polje serves as a system of flood protection for the local population.


Repušnica Visitor Centre- Moslavina Gateway to Lonjsko Polje Nature Park

The project funded by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund enabled the opening of the first official entrance to the Nature Park from Moslavina. Repušnica Visitor Centre created the conditions for the provision of a new tourist offer, which was integrated with the existing offer of the region and the park.

Repušnica Visitor Centre will offer many attractions: guided tours of the Nature Park by tourist guides, boat rides, catering services, gift shop, bike rental, numerous trails (pedestrian, equestrian, cycling, water trails), traditional fishing, presentation of cultural and traditional heritage and the like. The centre will be open to visitors in spring 2016.


-          watch birds in their natural environment (corncrake, white-tailed eagle ..)

-          watch and meet the original breeds of Lonjsko Polje (the Croatian Posavina horse, the Turopolje pig, the Posavina goose..),

-          take part in educational programs for children and adults, guided by the Nature Park personnel

-          get to know and explore walking trails, bicycle paths, go fishing, boating, exploring Lonjsko Polje on horseback, make use of all of these options and visit hard-to-reach landscapes.


Lonjsko Polje Nature Park Public Institution
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