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Sunday, December 3, 2023

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 in which the Tourist Board of Kutina is an organizer or co-organizer

Fašnik u Kutini (FUK) - Carnival in Kutina

– January/February

The event is meant to recreate the carnival traditions. Song, dance, carnival parades and buffoonery through the streets of the city are only one part of carnival customs in Kutina. The procession passes through the city, after which the groups present themselves on the stage. The carnival party with music program and catering is held after the presentation. As part of the carnival celebration in the city, there are also carnival parties in: Katoličke Čaire - FUKAČ, Šartovac -FUŠ, Ilova -FUI and the traditional and very popular party in Kutinsko selo - FUKS.


Earth Day on a bike in Moslavina

- April

It is a traditional, promotional and environmental campaign that brings together more than 1,500 cyclists and a special BIKE-express train from Zagreb. Recreational bike ride along the routes and with a program at the finish line that includes: food, musical performances, traditional games and sports activities, extreme rides, exhibitors at the stands, recreational riding and other. It offers to all participants relaxing and stress-free socializing while spending time in the nature of beautiful Moslavina, and every year choosing the other riding route.

MoslaVINA Kutina – the exhibition of Croatian wines and native wine varieties

- last weekend in May

A special feature of this event compared to others is exhibiting and nurturing original Croatian wine varieties, thereby helping our producers in promoting their offer of authentic Croatian grape varieties and promoting Croatian products. Moslavina is the home of three of the original wines of which the best and the most popular is Škrlet which goes very well with local food specialties, so we can say that this event represents Moslavina’s wine, ethnological and gastronomy offer. At the same time, Škrlet is the first variety that has received a recognition of the Croatian Centre for Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs for three clones of Škrlet, which made Škrlet the first branded Croatian variety. Wine exhibition in Kutina confirmed its value and further emphasized the hard work of winemakers who excel in innovation..

The program of the event includes: exhibition of wines and wines of native varieties, presentation of local winemakers, culinary activities, tastings, interesting workshops, round tables, a fair, a cycling race, an exhibition of winemaking equipment as well as the presentation of partners and fun activities.

During the exhibition there are also special programs of professionally guided wine tastings, workshops and lectures.

Also, as part of the Wine Exhibition there is the wine bicycle race, a bike ride through Moslavina wine roads.


Summer in Kutina (Kutinsko ljeto)


The event's program includes many activities for all ages: concerts, plays, sports, activities for children, exhibitions and many others, and they are held at various locations in the city. The main organizer is the City of Kutina; partners are the Tourist Board of Kutina and Kutina Open University, and a number of other associations from Kutina.

Repušnica Festival in Lonjsko Polje

- June

The traditional one-day ethno event that includes a rich cultural-artistic program, gastronomy and other fun activities such as recreational riding, ethnographic exhibitions, exhibitions of art works, sports games, exhibitors and the display of traditional crafts. Part of the program is held at Vrbak in Lonjsko Polje Nature Park.

St. Peter’s feast in Kutina

- June

The traditional celebration of craftsmanship in Kutina with a rich program that includes: presentations of old crafts, numerous stands of exhibitors, free fish stew or goulash, many exhibitions, workshops, entertainers, children's show, recreational riding and numerous other activities and music programs. This is one of the most favorite and visited events in Kutina.


Zlatna dunja (golden quince)

- October / November

It is a national culinary competition, the County's culinary event of the year, organized by the County Association of Chefs in collaboration with the Tourist Board of Kutina. Zlatna dunja (golden quince) is a much publicized competition that brings together the best chefs from all over Croatia, and one round of competition is held in Kutina. For several years now, Kutina has been on the culinary map of Croatia as a must stop for top gastronomic pleasures, and the most famous culinary names compete in making cold appetizers, hot main courses and desserts, each year with a different theme. The event also includes a musical entertainment program.


Flower Ball

- November

„More beautiful environment for more comfortable life" is a campaign intended to raise the general level of quality of living space, preservation and improvement of the tourist offer and environmental protection. Flower Ball is a finale of the mentioned campaign with an evening program which consists of giving awards to owners of best-kept gardens, balconies and windows, public buildings and business premises, restaurants and souvenir shops, and besides the award program it also includes entertainment and exhibit space.

Winter in Kutina

- December

The event is organized over a few weekends, and it includes a fair, a music program, the organization of New Year's Eve and many other activities such as: children's activities, shows, train and carriage rides, Santa's house, etc., with an accompanying gastronomy offer.


Fašnik u Kutini - FUK

Fašnik Kutina

Earth Day

Dan planeta zemlje



Summer in Kutina

Kutinsko ljeto

Repušnica Festival

Repušnički susreti

St. Peter’s feast

Petrovo-slavlje kutinsko

Zlatna dunja (golden quince)

Zlatna dunja

Flower Ball

Cvjetni bal