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Sunday, December 3, 2023

KUTINA TOURIST BOARD | +385 (0)44 681 004, e-mail:

Hunting and fishing

AMUR Sports and Recreational Club, Petrokemija Kutina

Address: Aleja Vukovar 4, PO Box 49, Kutina
Phone / fax 044 600 370 (club room)
Chairman: Siniša Fijala, 091 516 2592
Secretary: Branko Židek, 095 522 0213

Duty service in the club:
January – April6.00 –8.00 pm
May - September 7.00 – 8.00 pm
October – December 6.00 -7.00 pm

AMUR Sports and Recreational Club Petrokemija Kutina includes members of all ages which enables them to carry out a wide range of activities, from sports, economic, to organizational activities. The organizational structure of the club, based on the statut, allows the participation of a large number of members in the implementation of club’s policies. Inside the club, they have a "catch and release" section as well as competitive section.

Štuka Sports and Recreational Club Osekovo

Address: Trg kraljice Hrvata bb, Osekovo, Popovača
Phone: Željko Furjan, 099 758 3790
Phone: Vladimir Vuksan, 099 334 9130
Chairman: Marijan Lončarević 099 672 7967, 099 292 9700

Several fishing enthusiasts and nature lovers have launched an initiative for the establishment of this association in order to provide the maximum of recreation, entertainment, sport fishing, socializing and enjoying the charms of Lonjsko Polje nature to sport fishermen as well as other people. The sports and recreational associaton is a member of the Sport and Fishing Associations of Sisak-Moslavina County as well as the Croatian Sports and Fishing Association. The association is investing significant efforts and resources in its operation and it currently has 106 active members. It pays special attention to environmental protection, especially the watercourse contamination and pollution, relentless or uncontrolled destruction or harvesting of any animal species, especially fish, which make up the richness and diversity of Moslavina region fauna.
From the Sisak-Moslavina County only Štuka Sports and Recreational Club goes to competitions with five competitive teams (two teams of Cadets, Seniors and Šaranaši).

Hanja Association for Traditional Fishing, Repušnica

Address: Fumićeva 65, Repušnica

Personal Identification Number: 75646948898

Phone: 098 677 480 (Zdravko Smetko


The association was founded in order to promote, develop and improve the Lonjsko Polje Nature Park in terms of:

- nature conservation (cleaning and mowing)

- tourism promotion (boating and horse-drawn vehicles, carriages)

- fishing encounters (socializing of fishing associations)

- protection of ethnological values ​​and traditions, such as fishing methods, fishing technology and culinary specifics of fish preparation

- preservation of traditional fishing in Lonjsko Polje and Moslavina


The activities of Hanja Fishing Association are:

- Concern about the protection of waters and fish stock

- The performance of traditional fishing as part of the tourist offer

- Development of fishing tourism in their area of operation

- Education of the membership, particularly youth

- Participation in the work and the implementation of decisions, acts and regulations of Lonjsko Polje Nature Park Public Institution

- Cooperation with police departments to protect the waters from poaching

- Awarding honors to individuals and organizations for achievements in traditional fishing

- The promotion and presentation of traditional fishing as a cultural heritage

- Organizing fishing competitions, camping and other forms of recreation for all its members

Hunting associations in Kutina



Name of hunting grounds: GOJLO - hunting area: 6504

Contact: Milan Petravić, 098 20 63 60




Name of hunting grounds: KUTINA - hunting area: 5824

Contact: Željko Antolović, 099 26 44 033,



Name of hunting grounds: CIGLENICA - hunting area: 4729

Contact: Dubravko Smolčić, 098 26 18 71




Name of hunting grounds: MEĐURIĆ - hunting area: 1135

                                           JAMARIČKO BRDO - hunting area: 5682


Contact:Tomislav Madunić, 091 25 19 978,



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