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Sunday, December 3, 2023

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About us

The Tourist Board of Kutina is a legal entity whose members are natural and legal persons in service and tourism industries, and activities directly related, in the area of Kutina.

Tourist Board of Kutina is the legal successor of the Tourist Board of Kutina registered in the Register of Tourist Boards of the Ministry of Tourism on 2 November 1994.

The Board was founded for the area of Kutina with the purpose to achieve and promote tourist attractions and identity, raise the quality of tourist offer, promote and carry out promotional activities of common interest to all operators in the tourism industry of Kutina, at home and abroad.


The bodies of the Tourist Board are:

The bodies of the Tourist Board are:
1. Assembly
2. Tourism Council
3. The Supervisory Board
4. The President (Mayor according to law)

In order to perform professional tourist and administrative work, the Tourist Office is established which performs the following tasks:

1. carries out the tasks set out in the program of the Board,
2. performs professional and administrative tasks related to the preparation of the meetings of the bodies of the Board,
3. performs professional and administrative tasks related to the preparation and execution of the Board’s decisions,
4. performs legal, financial and accounting tasks, deals with human resources and general affairs, keeps records and statistics set out in rules and regulations of the Board,
5. designs analysis, information and other materials for the purposes of the Board,
6. provides expert opinions on issues within the scope of the Board to bodies of the Board as well as other interested parties,
7. organizes the work of tourist information centers,
8. performs other duties appointed by the bodies of the Board.

The tasks of the Tourist Board of the municipality or city

The tasks of the tourist board of the municipality or city are the following:

1. promoting tourist destinations in the municipality or city independently or via joint advertising,
2. managing the public tourist infrastructure given to management by the municipality or city,
3. participation in defining the objectives and policies of tourism development at the level of the municipality or city,
4. participation in the creation of conditions for effective coordination of public and private sector,
5. stimulating optimization and balancing economic, social and environmental benefits,
6. developing strategic and development plans for tourism at the level of the municipality or city,
7. encouraging and participating in urban design of the city in order to improve the conditions for tourists besides the construction of municipal infrastructure,
8. regularly, but at least every 4 months, collecting and updating data on the tourist industry, accommodation and catering facilities (cultural, sporting and other events) working hours of medical institutions, banks, post offices, shops, etc., and other information tourists need,
9. publishing promotional materials
10. carrying out informational activities related to tourism offer,
11. promotion and organization of cultural, entertainment, art, sports and other events that contribute to the enrichment of the tourist offer,
12. coordination of actions of all entities that are directly or indirectly involved in the tourist trade with the purpose of establishing, defining and implementing development policies for tourism and enrichment of the tourist offer,
13. encouraging, organizing and implementing actions to preserve tourist area, improving the tourist environment and protection of the environment and natural and cultural heritage,
14. stimulation, enhancement and promotion of specific natural and social values that make the municipality or city tourist-recognizable and creating conditions for their economic use,
15. managing the single list of tourists in the municipality or city, especially in order to control the collection of tourist tax and professional data processing,
16. daily gathering, weekly and monthly processing of data on tourist traffic in the municipality or city,
17. checking and collecting the data on registration and cancellation of stay of tourists in order to cooperate with the inspection authorities in control of the calculation, charging and payment of tax, as well as checking in and out of tourists.
18. encouraging and participating in the activities of education of the population on environmental protection, conservation and enhancement of natural and social values of the area in order to develop awareness of the importance and impact of tourism and its members, or their employees in order to raise the quality of services,
19. organization, implementation and supervision of all activities of promotion of tourist product of the municipality or city in accordance with the guidelines of the Tourist Board Assembly, the annual program and financial plan of the Tourist Board of the municipality or city,
20. forming a unified tourist information system, the system of registration and cancellation of tourists and statistical analysis,
21. performing other duties prescribed by this Act or other regulations.
(2) Tourist Board of the municipality or city participates in the implementation of programs and actions of the County Tourist Board that are of mutual interest for all subjects involved in the county.
(3) Tourist Board of the municipality or city may, according to a special decision of the Tourism Council of the Croatian Tourist Board, be a member of international tourism organizations.

Officials of the Tourist Office

Ivana Grdić, dipl.oec
tel. 044 681 004, 099 681 0004

Rukovoditeljica promidžbe
Nikolina Rokić, dipl.oec
tel. 044 681 024, 099 468 0110

Voditeljica funkcionalnog marketinga i projektnog planiranja
Marijana Musij, oec. za turizam
tel. 044 681 025

Stručni suradnik za promociju i informiranje
Tihomir Krmek, inokorespondent
tel. 044 681 004


Adress: Tržna 8, 44320 Kutina
tel. +385 (0)44 681 004
fax. +385 (0)44 680 110
facebook: Turistička zajednica grada Kutine